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Why is Phone Accessories Trading Market Plummeting?


With the fast phase of cellphone development, expectations are being raised for the consistent creation of new devices. New models with more advanced features than the last are anticipated in the market. To cut the price of buying new phones to follow the fast adaptation and new releases at least almost every quarter, many individuals are getting into the habit of trading.

You can actually trade any kind of devices from mobile phone to laptops to mobile accessories. However, the market is showing significant decline in the trade trend.

Feature phones experienced a steep decline in retail volume sales at 53% from the past year, according to the Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals review of mobile sales in Taiwan. Trading businesses also has been plummeting in Jakarta, Indonesia where 96% of the population owns a mobile phone and at least two mobile devices.

What is the reason behind this then?

1. Does not include LAN connection

Although this may seem a bit dull of a reason, many experts believe that individuals have been reluctant to trade their phones because of LAN connection. Mobile trading platforms are just that - mobile. By default you are either using the network as provided by your cell phone provider or are on a Wi-Fi network. It would be troublesome to get a phone and install another LAN connection on your new phone.

2. Adaption to Fraud Mobile Phones and Accessories

With the emergence of counterfeit materials, many individuals are not willing to take the risk and trade their own original mobile phone to a dealer who has a dubious reputation, even when the person is a legit trader. They would rather buy a new phone and give their old ones away instead of getting involved in a scam that would involve financial aspects. Most manufacturers do not allow trading of phones, thus adds to the concern of gray market devices.

3. Some devices are totally outdated

If a mobile phone is returned by a consumer and sent to a company where it may be refurbished, then it may be sold for reuse. This is generally the preferred option in the environmental management hierarchy as it extends the life of the same product. However, this may not be the case if the mobile phone is not properly recycled when it reaches end-of life. Phones have a greater chance of being reused if they are donated quickly rather than being stored. However, a recent UK report found that people kept mobile phones on average for 2.37 years before disposal.


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